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Didn't get any orders yet.


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29 minutes ago, mrwebbazz said:

No Doubt Every veteran was new at one time. So why don't buyers want to hire newcomers?

Because : Most of the new seller didn't have it takes to be a good seller.

I have tried to hire new seller before.., BUT in vain. Can't find any good new seller.


1. They didn't have good profile picture.

2. Their gigs thumbnail is bad

3. Their gigs descriptions is bad.

4. Their attitude towards their own gigs is not good. ( NO FAQS, only have 1 gigs)

5. Lack of good customer services. Too eager to get order. Pushing buyer to order soon. Resulting buyer to hesitant

6. Lack of communication sense. Start by saying, Sir, Bro, Brother.

7. Can't explain their service well. It shows that they didn't understand their fields 100%.

8. Slow response.




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