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Not getting impression


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Gig's impression depends on some facts:

  • If you complete any order then you will get more impression.
  • On the other hand, Cancellation may affect number of impressions.
  • Click and view ratio
  • Late delivery will also have a bad effect
  • Fast delivery will get you more impression
  • Rating and review, gig marketing also matters

BTW you can follow these tips:

  • First, create an attractive gig image, which will attract buyers. Also, do image SEO
  • Find low competitive keyword and highlight them 4-5 times in the description
  • Do gig marketing by sharing your gigs in different platforms
  • Send some quality proposals with your work samples
  • This is the way to manage to get orders from buyers. After you complete an order, your gig will automatically get ranked
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2 minutes ago, noormohammad90 said:


You need to improve your skill in English language. And if you are not getting enough impression edit your gig image.

I couldn't understand about English language skill. Did you find anything wrong in my gig by grammar or spelling?

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Guest freelancerjabir
6 hours ago, ashfaqhassan said:

Hi, I wanted to know that

Can we (sellers) use Fiverr inbox to connect each other?

That's not a good idea

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7 hours ago, seven_sign said:

Every seller has a contact by messaging feature.
But I strongly recommend you to avoid messaging seller without any order or critical issue (i.e. copyright issues).


Agreed with him. If you message without any order or copyright issue, some times sellers can report your messages as spam messages. It will cause to banned your account permanently.

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