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Is it a bad idea to edit a well performing gig?



Hello, I am a seller on Fiverr from around a year and there is only 1 gig of mine that is getting me some orders, even they are not that much but still comparatively this gig of mine is better performing than others. I have around 1400 impressions of that gig but the problem is that I feel the gig thumbnail is not that much good as the clicks are just 37 and orders are 7, even the conversation rate is so low just 0.48%. I feel this might be because of my gig thumbnail so I was thinking of changing the thumbnail with a better one as the current thumbnail is not that good and has irrelevant things also such as 5$ only which is anyway visible to the client and doesn't needs to be specified and looks cheap too, even my gig description is not that good, it isn't bad either but still the description has very less words and isn't that comprehensive so I was thinking of updating my gig with a better thumbnail and description but I am worried that this might impact my gig's impressions badly and this might cause the impressions also to go down. Will making these changes affect my gig's impressions adversely?

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