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Why am I not getting any orders?


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I’ve registered to Fiverr two months ago, however, I haven’t been able to land a single client. Can anyone help show me what I’m doing wrong?

Until now I have:

- Created some gigs

- Taken skills tests

- Applied to buyer requests

- Created free offers for the first clients.

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Greetings, elindag,
will and good you are a new seller in Fiverr marketplace but this topic are (Created free offers for the first clients )most important in Fiverr marketplace.

if you can free offer with a buyer they are no respons in service. this marketplace is you will do earn. it's not a free marketplace so you can change this topic


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Getting first order on fiverr is truly luck depended. I still remember the day when I first created my account and published my first gig in 2016. It was just for time pass. I was free and thought I may do something. I had many skills in my hand but at that moment I was enjoying photoshop projects. I just created my one gig on photoshop without any keyword research and guess what within 2 hrs. one client approached me. In the excitement I just started working on his photo. Within 30  mins I gave the file to the client even without generating any order. I was not aware how to send custom offer or deliver the file. Client was honest he just placed my 1st order and approved it instantly even though he had already received his file in chat. After that whole 2017 went and I just completed 2 order and cancelled 1 order due to misbehavior of client.  In the beginning of 2018 I started sharing my gig on twitter and Facebook. And order started coming in slowly and gradually. By the end of 2019 I become an established seller on fiverr and in pandemic era 2020 I left my local job and fully concentrated on fiverr. Fiverr is now my full time job.

So, the learning from my fiverr journey is that  opportunity will come just you have to keep patience. Keep trying whatever you can to increase the reach of your gig.

With my experience I can give you these important day to day practices which will help anyone to get success on fiverr.

1.Stay active online as much as possible. I remain active 24x7.

2.Promote your Gig on various social media. My choice twitter and facebook.

3.Bid on buyer request as much as possible per day

4.Keep improving your skill sets. You never know what difficult project you will get. Client will not knock you for doing simple things. So you have to prove your skill level. 

5.Have patience and believe on universal law what you believe that you will definitely get.

-- Happy Freelancing on Fiverr!! 

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Hi elindag, 

Few tips To Increase Your Sales: 

1 create smart gigs

2 Make proper use of Gig Extras

3 Overcome the first sale barrier 

4 Stay updated and never miss a thing 

5 Check for buyer requests 

6 Deliver the quality you promised and even better 

7 Build a base of loyal buyers 

Be patient

· https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010451297-How-to-Start-Selling-on-Fiverr?segment=seller

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