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Hello Everyone,


My name is Huriel, I'm on college right now and as the title says, I'm a Game Tester, people usually don't care much about a good Game Tester, and they don't realize how important it is, it is not just play a game, you have to analyze every detail in a game with sometimes thousands of elements to check on the first stage, and as you all can see on YouTube, Twitch, etc. a lot of new games coming out right now are filled with bugs, glitches and errors, some really annoying errors during a gameplay and other with poor content, weak plot among other things, and all that is the Game Tester's job to tell what's wrong, what should be fixed by the eye of the most important thing on the game industry, the Player. So I'm kind of new on fiverr but I'm a really good analyst, a big share of my brain is turned to detect fails, find solutions, and give advices on how to improve the overall performance be it on gameplay, plot or whatever it is involving the game itself, and if anyone ever need a Game Tester please take a look at my profile https://www.fiverr.com/hurielhcm and maybe consider hiring my services.

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