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Who's working full time on Fiverr and what do you do?


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I’ve recently left my job at a Cinema to be self-employed and this time i’m paying real rent/bills/food and not living with my mother! Sometimes it’s stressful waiting on gigs but I do really love writing music as my only income! It’s working so far and touch wood I am staying afloat.

Who else is working full-time on Fiverr? Do you ever get a little worried about the uncertain income?

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I’d love to be self-employed in the future; so far I study, and Fiverr doesn’t get me enough income to pay all living expenses, but it would be lovely.

What, except for your badge, helped you reach this point? Do you feel like the income from Fiverr is stable, or just for short while? 😕

(Edit: I understand all sorts of freelancing etc. are uncertain… but Fiverr, here you don’t even have the power in your hands, and clients come and go, so I just wonder if it can become stable, or if it will have successful time and then nothing again)

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Reply to @ynneblack:

When I was studying I was partying too much to be attached to Fiverr!

I did it for a week, did way way way too much for $5 because I didn’t think my work was worth anything because it’s music! I came back and it had got extras which helped!

A nice colourful photo helped I think, catchy song and a personality!

I speak to clients as I would speak to my friends because they are my friends 🙂

They’re paying me to do something I love so straight away they’ve made my day!

My income is slowly creeping up! I think if I earn £250 a week (minimum full time job wage) I am on target because I work so much less hours, probably about 10 - 12 an average to make the same amount as 35 hour minimum wage job which i hate. So generally I am happier and sharpening my songwriting skills! Some weeks I can earn £75 but sometimes £400!

It never really comes stable, sometimes I think gigs come in waves!

Just make sure you have something to sell that people want/need. Something that stands out!

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