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New seller... on fiverr...Do these you will never lack orders!


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I was looking into your profile. I have to discuss few things.

Firstly, you have joined fiverr in this month. It takes time to get your first order. Honestly, when I started I got only one order in my first two months and after that I start getting the orders and after four months I become a level one seller. So, just don’t lose the patience. It just takes time. Keep submitting buyer requests and don’t lose hope.
I saw your gigs. Their descriptions are too short. You should check the gigs of the peoples who are on higher level and have the same category of gig as you have. Check their gig description how they have described their service and spend some time writing your gig description. Also see their whole gig and you will feel the difference between their gig and yours.
Lower your prices for a short period of time. It is the best trick that works everytime. You can increase your price after you start getting sales.
Use a good quality video for your gig. It will surely help you get sales.
Promote your gig on social media, forums etc. It will increase your gig traffic.
Always deliver more than expectation. Put your 100% effort and your buyers will surely give you 5 star feedback and they will become your regular customers too.
Offer full refund. if the customer is not satisfied you should surely give him/her full refund. This will help you to maintain a 5 star rating.
Always communicate nicely with peoples that inbox you on fiverr.
Prepare a porfolio with your best work that you did and add a link to your fiverr gig description.

These are some stuff that comes to my mind after seeing your fiverr profile and it will help you to get sales. Best of Luck!!

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