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Vacation Mode Flaws


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I never used Vacation Mode until recently. I’ve been on vacation for a couple of days now, each day I’ve gotten the ‘You have X amount of orders on your waiting list’ or however it is worded. It still has another week before it ends, but today I got a new order.

How did that slip through? Has anyone else have similar problems?

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And i was planning to activate the vacation mode for 1 month, it seems orders will slip in during this period. :o

Fiverr Technical People are really very slow in terms of resolving site flaws.

While on other hand, some freelancing sites have implemented same features and there are no flaws in them. (Maybe they have better developers).

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Also i do not understand this thing, when someone activates the Vacation mode, all gigs disappear from his profile page and some recommendations are showing. Why gig of other sellers will be displaying on our profile. Not sure who came up with such crap ideas.

When vacation mode activated, it should show those those gig on profile page which are not manually suspended by user.

Also there should be two options to every gig. 1: SUSPEND and 2: PAUSE

1: SUSPEND should work just like now, removing the gig from profile page.

2: PAUSE GIG should be visible on profile page but shows that this gig is paused and notify button will appear on it. In this way we can simply Pause one or two gigs and get notify if people are interested.

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madmoo said: Reply to @ryangillam: regardless of this particular issue, why does it take us so long to convince CS that we're not making this stuff up? In the past I've felt like throwing my laptop across the room in frustration when they imply that x or y can't possibly happen (usually despite screenshots and multiple examples we have heard or read about here and elsewhere).


Indeed. I screenshotted the following:


- emails when I activated/deactived vacation mode i.e. the time

- actual screenshots of orders coming in within minutes. The banner at the top was apparent.

- Customers saying they were surprised vacation mode was turned off when it had been on earlier in the day.


Still nothing. They said the issue was forwarded to technical support but it was closed earlier today with no reply.


Same issue with late deliveries. Recently orders have not been marking as late. They still say 'in progress' in the queue. Well they did. Submitted proof of screenshots of the problem. Sent them screenshots of the gig pages (where it did not say that the gig was late) and I even had customers say that they were surprised no late delivery notification appeared. They wanted more screenshots...(somebody new to the team). Thankfully i mentioned it in passing to Julia and she pressed a couple of buttons to sort it out again. Ended up with about 25 gigs due from about the 18th April being marked as late then 'very late' within the space of about 20 minutes :(



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