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Fiverr Buyers please help me urgent Attention Needed


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Hello i am a newbie in fiverr i made a payment for a gig http://www.fragglesrock.com/fragglesrock/ using bitcoin for 85$ the money was withdrawn from my bitcoin address, i got response from fiverr saying the order receive a different amount that i should contact the merchant for retrieve or misplaced fund order number 1637807. this is the bitcoin address to confirm the payment https://fragglesrock.info/

i have submit a ticket to fiverr and i get a ticket number #600994 its over 2 days now i have no response they gave me this link to cheeck my ticket updates but it keeps rejecting my username and password http://support.fiverr.com/hc/requests/600994

Please help me on how to contact fiverr to resolve it i really need to meet a deadline with this gig

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