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Dumb question regarding likes


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I’m new to this site and am not familiar with the outcomes. I see that I can purchase “x” amount of YouTube views and often they come with “x” amount of likes. I don’t Facebook and am wondering if I am getting 150 likes as part of the package I am purchasing are these actually on the individuals’ Facebook page that they like my YouTube channel, or would these likes show up on my Facebook page if I had one?

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@kjblynx - Wow. Tell us what you really think. LOL

@mcreynolds4 - Like everything else in life it all comes down to the seller, not the service.

Putting @kjblynx’s remark aside for the moment, there are some sellers that actually provide a good like service. Mainly… Me. I promote your page to my network of likers and provide some real likes. I just can’t do that many.

(Yes. I’m plugging my own gig. But why not. The person asked).

It’s also important to know that I do provide real likes, but you can not buy a fan.

My likes don’t drop, ever and are real people. But they are paid to like your page. So you can’t expect a true fan. But, like I said, they don’t drop. And they do help with SEO purposes since when enough people in a network like a page it begins to show up on their extended networks wall.

In conclusion… LOL… @kjblynx does have a point. 99% of sellers sell Bot likes. But there are a few of us that keep it real. When looking at gigs look for…

  • A really high number in a really low time. C’mon. 10,000 likes in 12 hours. You know they can’t be real.

  • ANY mention of replacing likes that drop. If the seller says this it’s because they are using “Bots” that Facebook deletes. If the seller uses real likes they don’t say this because the likes never drop.
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