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I'll add your gig on my friend's blog FREE


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So I have a friend that started a new blog and If you want you can write a short review about your own gig ( 250-350 words ) plus the profile picture that you use for your gig and he is going to publish it for free. The website is also going to offer paid reviews in about a month so if anyone is interested just upload a txt document with your own short review along with a picture and He is going to publish it in 24-48 hours. There is no current limit for this since the website is new . He is also seriously investing in SEO so the gig is going to get some views in the following months .

The name of the blog is fragglesrock ( don’t be fooled by the name lol ) and in the future users are going to be able to add reviews of bad gigs too ( of course if they have proof ) .

Happy New Year ! 😃

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