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How can I share my screen with client and demonstrate


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I am a Shopify app developer. Today I got my first warning. https://nimb.ws/daMOJF
" refrain from engaging in direct communication."
I am working with Fiverr for many years. I have never tried to break any rules with my concern.
But few days before, I have asked for one of my ■■■■■ accounts. Because my client want to describe the project with sharing screen. Sometimes I need to use “Pay”, “PayPal” and “Email” this kind of words. Which is necessary and related with our job. Sometimes We do chat with screen sharing on Zoom. I don’t get any warning. But in Zoom I am not able to review chat after ending session. So I have asked for ■■■■■. Sometimes client asked for whatsapp to talk.

My question is
What should I do If I need to talk or share screen with my client to complete the project so that Fiverr allow?
Which word will be appropriate intsted of “Pay”, “PayPal” and “Email” this words.

This was my first warning. If I do the same mistake they will terminate my account. So I need to know the the legal way. Please help me with your valuable suggestions.

Best Regards,

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