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What do you do?

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Yes, get a new view.

Hitting the same thing head-on day after day and failing at it will cause burn-out. The trick is to work out how to come at it sideways. Some people get that after going for a run, some surfing, a good night sleep…

You dance so dancing so much that your conscious mind (that is so hell-bent on that one line of approach) switches off may help you.

Think on how you learn dance moves. Do you really learn them consciously, deliberately, logically or is it that you look at someone doing them from different angles, feel them, and suddenly they are there in your body? That is coming at it sideways.

If business makes no sense then stop coming at it head on (see all the threads where where people come at things head on and fail over and over). What would be ways to come at this sideways? If you knew what they were, what would they be?


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