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How do we get orders?


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How do we get our first orders when people go to people who have had previous orders and reviews for the services they need because they are more reliable which leaves us newbies to maybe never get an order, can someone give us advice?

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I know at least 10 sellers that come here 3-6 months ago completely new to the platform and now they are level 2 and having constant orders.

So it is possible to get orders and rank fast on Fiverr.

But the deal here is that you MUST be a professional, must have multiple skills (not just the one you are offering) and must have a sense of business and good communication level.

All of the sellers that reached higher income here faster prepared for their Fiverr future for months.

Did the research, study all the data on help section, prepared GIG files in each folders and description, videos, editing, PDF, images, FAQ, mandatory requirements, all researched, checked and double checked before coming here and making profile.

Even profile name and image are created after research.

Consistency, branding, all of it.

This is a job, not extra activity you do during a commercial break.

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