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Be a trend setter not a follower


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Trend mean: change direction abruptly new look and uniqueness or we can say that trendsetter is
those who creates trend everyone follows them for their uniqueness being a trendsetter is like
swimming against the trend most of the time. this is collection of quotes and saying on trendsetter
‘’ don’t follow a trend follow your heart’’
Trendsetter is a person who moves to new look, idea style whatsoever which is come to the fore. We
Can take so many instances of trendsetter like a guy her name is Dananeer ascertained new trend
‘pawari ho rahi hai’ before it nobody knows about her even her name after discovering these peculiarly
Word’s people getting start perform these words now it became a top trend. dananeer is a trendsetter
And people who followed her they became trend follower. Actually, I want to grab your attention this
Article ‘title.
‘’style is something each of us already has all we need to do it is finding it ‘’
So be positive think like leader, trendsetter and expand your imaginations not keep in hidden.
Every day comes up with new idea and lesson these all things never demand us to bulk of money
, big reputation, healthy life style or luxurious life if you haven’t mentioned things so don’t sweat it.
only One thing you have to postulate is blow up your creativity, imagination, thinking. everybody
Has mind and need to think something prodigious. try once then you will become trendsetter not
‘’To be a trendsetter is much better and rewarding then a trend follower’’

                                     Writer:                                                         Muhammad Awais Ilyas.
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