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How can i improve my gigs or how to find buyer?


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If you want to increase your gig impressions and click then you can do this. Hopefully, this will be your causes:

1.Share your gig on social media

2.Seb buyer request regularly

3.active on Fiverr forum every day

Thank You

visit my GiG:: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Vo1ErV

active on Fiverr forum every day

Being “active” on the forum does NOT do anything when it comes to your Gigs. Period. Stop mimicking this advice. Tell me, since being on the forum, have you seen a huge uptick in orders? Probably not because:

visit my GiG

You feel a need to SPAM someone else’s post with YOUR link. That is NOT allowed. So, don’t do that again. If you want to post your Gig link, make your OWN topic under “My Fiverr Gigs” or “Improve My Gig”. Perhaps throwing your link in other’s posts hoping it will get clicked will somehow get your Gig to rank - nope, it just annoys those who see it as spam and know/follow the rules of the forum.


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