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  1. What's up guys!!! I am Joy. Currently level 2 seller. Because of my University project, I was a bit busy to work as previous. As a result canceled few orders and probably will lose my level this evaluation. I got a feature called "Promote Gigs". Level 2 sellers are familiar to this features. My confusion is after losing my level will lose the feature or it will still attach to my dashboard? Thanks for reading my post and comments.
  2. Having permanent clients, its not less than blessing. I have been working for 2 years in fiverr. Have done many small and big project. It gives me more pleasure to have a permanent client than a big project. They will help you whenever you needed. Sometimes you give your best but buyers give you a 4 or 4.3 start. But a permanent client always thinks about your welfare and mostly gives you the full star. I was surprised that for the last 7 months I am the only developer of the client. Those who are new to this platform always try to give your best. It doesn't matter how much the price is but it matters what kinds of services you are giving.
  3. How are you guys? Joy here. I have a general query. Can I edit my gig which currently in promotion period? Thanks for reply...
  4. Obviously not. I got my first order after 44 days later.
  5. I use walton bp7800. Local laptop. Almost 1.2Y and got level 2 badge with it. Now having issue in display. So currently using monitor with laptop 😐.Soon set up a PC.
  6. First order for 50USD. That's great. Mine for 5 bucks😄. Wish you best of luck.
  7. What's up guys. I was off for a long period. When I got active everything seems changed. As usual no order no view or click. But suddenly got a message from previous buyer. And order completed with a tips. Although I was off for a long time but still the buyer remember me. Feeling really Lucky. 😄
  8. I thin I think you are showing up right? you have an ongoing order and asking how to get order?
  9. Buyer requested for revision? I didn't understand why late? didn't you deliver in time?.
  10. I was finding that but as the UI is fully changed facing difficulties. Thank You So Much
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