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Flagged for forcing review (I was not)?


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So recently i did an order for a customer which was not abnormal in any way. I checked with him what song he wanted me to record my bass part to and I did (I am a session bassist on the website). I delivered my parts and he DM’d me saying how fast I did it and how he was pleased with what I did.

He then went on to review 4.3 stars a couple of days later which fair enough if he wasn’t happy but he said nothing to critique my order. So I DM’d him (regrettably) asking why he reviewed 4 stars if he said it was perfect. I just wanted to know what I did wrong for future orders I wasn’t planning on him changing his review but he said he would change his review and that the review was his mistake and I got flagged after he said that. I only aimed to seek critique but he said himself that he mistakingly reviewed 4 stars not 5. I told him that he doesn’t need to change it since it is still a high rating and that I was just curious where it went wrong and if it was a mistaken review then so be it.

So I don’t know if he reported me or it was an automatic flag or what but is there any way I can dispute it?? I looked around the support page and also other forums and didn’t anything. Is this kind of thing not even disputable because if so that is kinda upsetting since I just passed all the checks to get level 1 seller hours before I got this flag. Any help would be greatly appreciated guys 😃

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Sellers cannot communicate to a buyer in any regards to reviews or feedback. The only permitted venue to comment on reviews is the Buyer’s Response that shows up on your profile and gig page.

Reviews are not mandatory and critiques are definitely not mandatory, so attempting to solicit feedback as to why you received a 4.3 star review violates Fiverr terms. 4.3 stars isn’t even a terrible review, but a warning is far more damaging than even a 1 star review.

The warning is pretty clear cut and I don’t see any legitimate avenue for challenging it.

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