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Hello! New here, I need some advice!


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Hello everyone, I’m a music producer and I sell beats and music instrumentals in different social media platform and recently joined Fiver to expand my beat and music instrumental selling experience online. So I opened two gigs, and a week before I just got my first sell and my first review on one of my gigs. I’m happy about that but one thing is really confusing me(or want to know what the problem is). My impression is good, but the click is around 8% of the impression i get and even from that 8% of the click I am not getting any message or an order. So I have two questions for you.
1. What is preventing customers from clicking my gig, while I am getting those impression numbers?
2. What is preventing customers who clicked on my gig from ordering or contacting me?

Please Check out my gigs and let me know what is holding me back! Thank you so much in advance!

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