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Client is threatening to report me to CS


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Hi, I’m a new seller, not new seller though, but I have not had any gig on Fiverr for months. Early this year, I started uploading my gigs. Luckily, have completed 5 orders with 5 star rating. I try all my best to satisfy all my customers, because customers retention is my major priority.

A customer started a conversation with me as regards my gig and we had a good conversation. He said he is okay with me but he wants to get opinion from his partner and give me feedback. Later that day, his partner contacted me and we discussed, he was satisfied and told me he will inform Client A to purchase my service. I will name the customer Client A and name his partner Client B, for easy understanding.

They both told me they will only accept my custom offer, only when I provide the winning products and setup a successful Facebook ads for them with 3 sales in 2-3days and if they couldn’t make sales, no offer acceptance nor payment for me. I refused, we finally agreed on placing order before I provide the winning products and setting up the Facebook ads.

I created 2 custom offers, one for 2 winning products and one for Facebook ads setup and Client A accepted the offer. I also informed them, they will have to accept the winning products order if they are satisfied with it and mark it completed, before I proceed with the Facebook ads setup order. They both agreed.

I provided the 2 winning products, with audience targeting, Product description, Competitor’s Selling price, Supplier product price, Profit Margin, Product Videos and Link to AliExpress Seller, for $5 and delivered the order to Client A because he ordered the Gig. Client B requested for the delivery, but I refused to deliver to him, I told him Client A paid for the service and he is in the best position to share it with anyone he want. Client A shared the delivered files with Client B, and Client B requested for an extra winning product, which is not part of the agreement, well I still provided an extra winning product with all details. Then Client B requested for editing on all products video (Logo watermark, Text on Video and more) I told him Video Editing is not part of my gig description, but he insisted I do it. So I contacted a video editing friend who did the editing for me and I sent it to Client B, then Client B requested for another variation for the video edited. I told him it not part of the gig description, then he started sending me some annoying words, threatening to report me to CS for misbehaving.

Client B told me, he will tell Client A to cancel the 2 order, in which one was delivered, that they don’t need my service anymore and I shouldn’t bother about the ads anymore.

Client A have been offline for 12hrs, i already sent him a message as regards Client B free extra service request but no response from him yet.

Upon checking Client A dropshipping store, I discovered my 3 winning products have been imported to his store and the product description, product video are already in use in his store. Yet Client B is threatening to report me to CS.

NOTE: Client B is a level 1 seller, he designs dropshipping store.

Please help me understand better, did I do something wrong? Or the two are trying to play a quick one on me

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