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Help with email addresses


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Hello there!

One of my gigs involves setting up a mail chimp account for my customers, to do this I need their email address.

Fiverr does not allow email addresses to be passed between buyer and seller, for obvious reasons like taking work outside of fiverr, makes total sense to me.

Is there any way my legitimate use of email info can be shared from buyer to seller legitimately, without getting banned, or making it awkward for my customers to provide their email addresses?

I hope there is as I LOVE fiverr but find this tough! 🙂

Looking forward to anyone’s help


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I understand from a possible gig that I had this past weekend that you can ask for the email address in the instructions once the buyer purchases the gig. Don’t quote me on that, but the reason I bring it up is because I almost put up a gig (and am still thinking about) where people had to mail me something, so I would need to give out my home address in order to complete the gig. Customer support told me that I could ask in the instructions after the buyer orders my gig. I assume it would work the same way with an email address.

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