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Does anyone know how the VAT EU regulations apply to the European sellers?



When I started freelancing on Fiverr back in 2017, I decided to register it as a sole proprietorship type of company (I live in Poland by the way) so that I could pay taxes and social security on my income like people with 9 to 5 jobs and so that I wouldn’t get in trouble with tax people for running an unregistered business or something like that. That is also why I filled out the DAC7 form using the business variant. However, because of that I also recently read somewhere else that apparently everyone who runs a business in EU and sells products or services abroad (like you do on Fiverr) has to regularly send VAT EU documents just like regular VAT documents, even if they don’t pay any VAT. It never even occurred to me before that I would have to think about something like that since I’ve never been above the VAT threshold anyway, but now that I heard about it I’m scared that I might be in trouble for never sending such documents. Does anyone know if getting paid on Fiverr counts as something that needs to be regularly reported under VAT EU? Is there anyone from EU like me who also registered their Fiverr income as a business, and if yes, do you send those VAT documents?

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