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Why i don't get a order


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Hi Thijs,

You created your Fiverr account less than week ago. Don’t expect to get orders that quick - that’s not how Fiverr nor any other business works.

I checked out your profile. You have to fix a bunch of grammar mistakes.

You offer 6 Gigs. All of these 6 Gigs have a very similar description at first. You have to make each Gig unique and stand out, not copypasta.

You offer video editing, but your Gig’s thumbnail and video look, ugh… terrible…You have to spend time making that professional. You are a professional, aren’t you?

I don’t recommend writing anything in your native language - use English instead, on nearly everything.

It seems you rushed on every single piece of your account creation to get orders quickly, but you’ll waste much more time fixing these mistakes.

If I was a buyer looking for video editing, I would first check out your thumbnail’s video and would refuse to buy from you immediately. What you did is just put a bright yellow background with a default font and a white color with a zooming text. Yellow with white makes the text unreadable. I am not a video editor, but I can literally do text-zooming by myself.

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