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How do I get a refund


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I’ve ordered from Aryaardana. Requested some art work to be done, she either doesn’t reply or takes days to reply, she completed the order which the work is even complete used colours I didn’t ask. Trying to get hold of her has been nightmare for something that should’ve been done in 2 days it’s now well over a week and still no art. I can’t for the life of me find how to raise complaint or get through to Fiverr if anyone has a number or email I can use to raise complaint that would be great.

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In order page you have refund request button on the bottom center or right depending what are you using to view the order page.
On the bottom of the site you have contact support that guides you and you can select your issue and order.

Refund will be clear after customer supports review your and her side of the story.

If she delivered as per her service description and you do not like it you are not entitled for refund.

Design services are not payed per likeness but the work done.

Refund in art section and design section is only given if she delivers poor quality work.

If you did not send colors in proper form (HEX code) but you used general term RED, BLUE (there are 3758594043 versions and shades for both of these colors), then colors remark is not reason for refund. You can get revision.

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