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Doesn't getting gig impression


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you can increase impressions through social media apps, speculations persisting regarding decreasing impressions and clicks from the last two months and everyone is worried and wanted to know actually why it is happening with them. It a algorithm of fiverr to fluctuate the newbies in the first page for few time to explore their skills worldwide. in case if you are persistently facing the same issue then you should search your competitors who are getting orders and ranking, and also compare your price packages make an effective description and point out your prominent skills. or you can also get orders through Pinterest app, utilize 10
‘buyer proposal’ and read article ‘tips for sellers’ page. Good luck 👍

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Too much competition nowadays on fiverr. So it’ll take you a while to get your first order.
Keep patience and share your gigs on social media. There are many experts on fiverr forum giving tips. Read them and research the algorithm of fiverr yourself

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Welcome and there are some tips that How To Increase Your Fiverr Gig Impression and also Clicks and Sales

  1. Make sure the profile picture is attractive and worth looking at.
    which likes eye catching.

  2. Create a unique gig and put attractive gig image and video.
    Optimize your gig image and video
    Optimize your gig title
    Optimize your gig description
    Add Frequently ask and question

  3. Upload more photos about the gig.

(You can take screenshot of **multiple images** of your work and upload this as one image.)
  1. Chack daily and try to send buyer request.

  2. Promote your GIG on different Social media like fb groups,linkdin,twitter.

  3. Create multiple gigs in the same category.

  4. Complete first order professionally and
    provide the right services.

    I assure you, you will be successful.

    #fiverrtips #getfirstorder #BorunDnath

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