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  1. there is no problem . if you use real ip wherever you are .
  2. try to stay online at 2-5PM us or canada time for more potential client
  3. me to , same 🙂 from Khulna . happy freelance
  4. If you think you have created a perfect gig.Then I’d say wait and be patient if everything is ok there is a chance to get clicks and order. Best of luck.
  5. i have gig image name like gig1_image_name.jpg . i need to resize the gig image. can i do it with same name ? does it effect gig rank ?
  6. it’s mean as a seller, you’d see a buyer request button from menu bar in the top right of mainmenu, “more” button
  7. do more research about gig seo and send buyer request everyday . best of luck
  8. for new seller buyer request would not appear always , specific time when you see buyer request must keep note the time , here is some reason for no buyer request appear Gig SEO and keyword not matching with buyer request , title description , tag and so on
  9. maybe you need to research more about gig SEO and keywords , beside that you may also wait for 2-3 days and let’s see if there any click or not . do check if your gig between first 10 pages . best luck
  10. You have a great vision , well choose a specific niche and start learn , keep sticking with learning and only focus on learning first few month , then try to find work on fiver when you think you are ready to work . best of luck
  11. SEND buyer request everyday and make sure during send buyer request avoid unnecessary things to write
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