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  1. No you can talk multiple times with buyer about your services and his tasks, but you can not discuss about the other platforms while your discussion, read the relevant article. 👍
  2. It will be better if you start to learn first before to pitch the buyers. they need work against payment and conversation is the basic step to spread your skills.
  3. Welcome back 👍 May you get everything that you desire for.
  4. Hello aminul, i have read you post regarding low numbers of impressions and click and want to tell you that it’s a algorithm of fiverr to promote new sellers for few time to explore their skills across the world or for some time those people who has decades of experience at this platform and they have multiple reviews and orders means old one. so if you are not getting good numbers in clicks and impressions they try to associate your account with social media apps and paste your link on these networks to get a good numbers of reviews also utilize 10 proposal strategy, make a custom package and pic to the people, you can also read relevant articles regarding views. so if you search by yourself you will obtain self experience true one. best of luck 👍
  5. What a man 😀 he is, then just block him is the last option, no need to be panic you will also face this kind of people so better to stay away and focus on your task.
  6. Probably, his intention is just to degrade you or want to get his order at free of cost, your issue is critical try to resolve it with communication or it will be good to say sorry and figure out yourself from this messy situation. The last option is to tell all the all situation to customer support service, they will give you suggestion or will assist your more precisely.
  7. you can increase impressions through social media apps, speculations persisting regarding decreasing impressions and clicks from the last two months and everyone is worried and wanted to know actually why it is happening with them. It a algorithm of fiverr to fluctuate the newbies in the first page for few time to explore their skills worldwide. in case if you are persistently facing the same issue then you should search your competitors who are getting orders and ranking, and also compare your price packages make an effective description and point out your prominent skills. or you can also get orders through Pinterest app, utilize 10 ‘buyer proposal’ and read article ‘tips for sellers’ page. Good luck 👍
  8. welcome on this community 👍 May you get everything that you come for.
  9. A new buyers usually found your gig with your using keywords, like the words you use in your title and and in description bar. that’s the reason everyone recommend to use most searchable and effective keywords because they can increase your impressions and clicks rapidly.
  10. keywords are the main part of your ranking, unique words or difficult words do not give you ranking, you can do keywords research by your own search bar just to write a few words, in addition, choose social media platform, fiver communities, read “tips for sellers” page and stay active or connected with communities. good luck 👍
  11. welcome here, we will surely utilize your services whenever we need. best luck 👍
  12. congratulations for this little motivational tip, actually its a reward against your efforts that you put in your order for buyer. so you deserve it 👍
  13. it can happened due to algorithm updating, everyone is claiming and discussing about impressions and clicks decreasing gradually, so it would be better if we start to share our gig URLs on social media platforms.
  14. Glad to know may you get more 👍
  15. First welcome at this platform, everyone is so disturb and disrupt due to pandemic and it has completely paralyzed the functions of community and society, but we should say thanks to GOD, because are still safe and healthy, angel you have skills and you can use them and sell them on this earning platform easily, so should stay connected with the community and also search and get knowledge about your competitors that will help you to start you journey you can get idea how can you start to sell your skills here. hence, we can only assist you and wish you so good luck for your new journey 👍
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