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My Gig started well, but now


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Hey! I created my gig 15 days ago.

And went pretty good until a fey days ago, when the clicks and impressions went down like a LOT!

Maybe something of my gig tittle, video or photo is wrong. If someone can give me some fedback i´ll be glad!

favicon-32x32.png.176cbbfafe54aa139b6981379d37a615.png Fiverr.com

marcemusica : I will sing your pop, edm, rnb and folk song for $15 on fiverr.com

For only $15, marcemusica will sing your pop, edm, rnb and folk song. | Please, send me a message before ordering!Hello! My name is Marcelo.Are you looking for a professional vocalist to sing your songs? You just found me!I | On Fiverr

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