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Improve Gig? I am new here. How i can improve Gig. How can I be a good freelancer...? Please help me


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One issue I see is that your wording doesn’t read cleanly in your description, and there is actually a typo in one of your gigs (there is a comma without a space between it and the next word). If someone is looking for a data entry specialist, then having a typing mistake is not going to give them confidence that you can do the job.

It’s worth going over your gigs one more time to make sure that you haven’t any obvious errors, especially clumsy sentence structure 🙂

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Check the spelling in your environmental science gig image. Check how all 3 package descriptions are written. Be careful of the word “essay” which Fiverr might think is academic work.

Check how the gig images look on the profile page. The first one would probably crop less if it was about 1.619:1 aspect ratio.

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