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  1. It’s all very well telling us to be nice and polite, and I do genuinely try to be so. The problem is when you have others who are NOT being nice. I reported someone who started name-calling another forum member and suggested (politely, at least I thought so) that name-calling wasn’t appropriate. There was no warning of what was to come next, but getting called four-letter words, talked down to condescendingly and then followed on to the Fiverr main site with fake orders and creating second accounts to circumvent a suspension was beyond any sort of reasonable response. I had made that one post asking them to watch their behaviour and disengaged. But after I had disengaged, the attacks continued against me and the derogatory comments made at me were left there for hours when all I had asked them to do was to be polite, Worse, I felt completely unsupported on the forum by the moderators, especially when it started to impact on my stats on the main site - for asking someone to be polite. I was a moderator on Stack Exchange for several years, so I’m used to working on very, very large and transient communities, but what happened here should not have happened. If you’re going to ask people to be polite and nice, then perhaps when someone isn’t being so, it needs to be addressed more quickly. I try to be helpful on the forum, but at the moment, I’m looking at winding back my involvement here. Asking people to be nice is all well and good, but some people just aren’t. If we’re being told that we shouldn’t report bad behaviour and let them have at it, then this isn’t a professional environment I wish to be a part of.
  2. There has been a huge influx of new sellers over the past twelve months since COVID, which has added considerably more competition than there has been. Also, the market in which you are selling is highly saturated with a lot of people offering the exact same services that you are. Try to make your gigs stand out, your images are not overly attractive, which won’t be helping. You also need tell your prospective customers why they should choose you over the many thousands of others who are offering this service. Show them with images of your work that showcase your skills rather than a boring garishly coloured cover image that doesn’t give a good impression of what you can do for them.
  3. @razaali208 Please be aware that “dear” is not a term you should use in a professional setting Also, there is no evidence (and plenty of contra-evidence) that staying online all the time will help rank your gig. Every single one of my orders happened when I was fast asleep in bed 🙂
  4. Is there any reason why you felt it necessary to copy someone else’s post? Best to write your own post without resorting to plagiarising someone else’s, it makes your message clearer and more personal 🙂
  5. You’ve still got a link to your Instagram page on your account, you will need to remove that before you get a warning for breaching Fiverr’s Terms of Service. If you get three warnings, your account here will be banned permanently, which is not the way you want to try to start your freelancing career. I agree with @benedictrm that unless you are a professional who has a clear service to sell with clear outcomes, then you probably should take some time to become that, or try offering your service on another platform like Etsy, ArtStation or DeviantArt. Also, if you plan to send your artwork to customers, have you considered the postage costs? Have you factored that into your fees? Posting bulky items overseas can be VERY expensive, and if you haven’t laid that out in your gigs (of which you have none right now, so you aren’t actually selling anything), then you may find yourself liable for far more outlay than you make.
  6. I’m trying with that one as well! I created a thread with the terms that shouldn’t be used professionally that I link to when I see the common mistakes like “bro” and “dear”: The problem is that the people who need to read it often don’t, or perhaps don’t understand it because the language is too complex. It’s hard to learn if you don’t understand the lessons 😦
  7. This is fascinating, thank you so much for not only correcting them but also bringing others (me in particular) more knowledge 😂 Me when learning that new word : You’re welcome! It’s a really common error on the forums, and if fluent English speakers help correct mistakes for less fluent English speakers, they often won’t know they’re making a mistake! 🙂
  8. Just to help you with the English translation, the word you are after is “share.” “Shear” is what you do to remove the wool from a sheep 🙂
  9. Nothing. You move on because the buyer is under no obligation to accept your custom offer. We have no idea as to why they didn’t accept it, perhaps they just decided to go with someone else, or not to do anything. Since you have no way of knowing and harassing the buyer by asking them to explain will likely get you reported, the best thing you can do is to just move on.
  10. @haque_adsflow It doesn’t fix it for me, I have to either wait it out or delete cookies.
  11. What is your browser? Try to use Google Chrome. @gamunu I’ve used Chrome as my primary browser for many years 😉
  12. Short answer is no. You are also in a very heavily subscribed market for sellers, so to get orders you will need to stand out. It can take months to get your first order. Some never get one. It took me a month for my first order and I’d consider that fast.
  13. @enunciator Promising the impossible always leads to disappointment, so I think you are on the money!
  14. @looseink Aussies and Canadians always seem to get on well. My husband was born in Canada, although he’s lived here for most of his life 🙂
  15. Sorry, my Australian deadpan came across a little too deadpan 🙂
  16. Yes, that’s what I get also. Either waiting it out or clearing the cookies is the only thing that (temporarily) solves it for me. The irony was that I got it just as I tried to view your thread!
  17. @looseink No, I think you’re probably doing this right. @saravanan143822 That heading tells your prospective customers that you are desperate and that you would like nothing more than for them to take advantage of your desperation. Instead of telling them that it’s your first priority, you should show them with your portfolio.
  18. I get this frequently on the forum. I have to clear cookies, which seems to solve it temporarily. It doesn’t happen on the main Fiverr site.
  19. As another software developer, I agree that having a “consent” on the side of the seller prior to a contract being initiated would be a very useful facility. People could ask you do code something illicit or simply outside your skillset and the seller gets penalised for cancelling a contract that was never viable in the first place. I do more of the software side on the other well-known online freelancing platform, where the process of contract initiation is commenced by the seller accepting the buyer’s request. I feel a lot more comfortable doing that kind of work there because I can vet jobs that aren’t a good fit. I understand the premise behind Fiverr is different, but it means that software developers can be pretty badly exposed if a buyer either unknowingly or wilfully misunderstands the boundaries of a gig. In terms of contract law, this blurs the line of “genuine consent” where you can be held to the terms of a contract that doesn’t match what you intend.
  20. Deliver the work as agreed, that way anything goes wrong then you have done everything you are supposed to. You can then contact CS if there are any issues with the buyer.
  21. Welcome aboard! Another editor here (also named Jane, albeit different spelling), good luck! 🙂
  22. This is on your gig images: image450×588 72.1 KBThey look like they have been cut out with scissors by a five year old at best. I am positive that you are using some automated method of doing this and not paying any attention whatsoever to the results. I mean, how do you lose Bill Clinton’s entire suit and call it done well? I would be embarrassed to show this as an example of my work. Honestly though, perhaps it’s best if you do keep these there, because at least buyers will know not to hire you for something that you simply cannot do to a professional standard. It’s also probably best that you haven’t yet been hired, because I can see a 1 star review and a demand for their money back in your future.
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