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Graphiclovers46 : I will design your business logo within 8 hrs for $5 on


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graphiclovers46 : I will design your business logo within 8 hrs for $5 on...

For only $5, graphiclovers46 will design your business logo within 8 hrs. | HelloWelcome to My gigAre you lookingModern, unique and creativesignaturelogofor your business, brand or organization? then you are at the perfect place.I have Professional...

I have joined Fiverr for 4 months. I don’t have any work. Please help me.

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Look at it this way.
Open Incognito tab in browser and go to Fiverr and search for custom business logo.

Try to find your GIG. Mark down the time you started and the time when you found your GIG. Also try to notice how many logo sellers have 0 sales.

After you get some rest refresh the site and repeat the process.

If you find your GIG under 3 hours maybe there is a chance, but everything over 3 hours means you need to take another approach to Fiverr. Keep the logo GIG but do not treat it as your main.

Search other categories that have less competition and still fall under something you know how to do.

At this moment there is around 60000 sellers on Fiverr in logo section with zero sales. Why do they do this? Because YouTube and blogs are filled with nonsense of “come to Fiverr, sell logos, easy money”.

No. I am here for 4 years almost and I haven’t’ sold anything directly through my logo GIG.

Look at this, and I am level 2:

image1239×319 14.8 KB

image1236×294 21.9 KB

I barely get 1 click a day.
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