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What is the right way


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Why do they need a contract? We are freelance workers.

The moment any prospective buyer mentions either a contract or a non disclosure agreement, I simply tell them I’m not interested in working with them.

It is a classic red flag that they have a pumped up ego and will be trouble.

@english_voice is right, if they are asking for a second contract, beyond the Fiverr gig, that is suspicious for almost anyone who is not Coke, Hollywood, or the Military.


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  1. Examine the contact’s terms and conditions thoroughly before deciding if it is the wise choice here, period.

  2. a) If you are interested, negotiate. If he does not wish to and you are not satisfied, thank him and move on.

    b) If he is genuinely interested in working with you, following @english_voice advice could mean you kicked a rare and interesting opportunity.

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