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We need an "agree to extend the delivery date" and "ban the buyer" option

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Among other options to ensure fair, and reasonable interactions with the sellers/buyers. Sometimes things come up, and it’s impossible to get to an order. Most often buyers will be accommodating, if you explain the situation – nonetheless – I think it would be a nice option, just to keep everything as smooth and professional as possible.

Right now I feel like sellers are a sitting duck, to scammers, and people just basically trying to get freebies.

“The buyer’s always right”… that’s a the standard position, but with a platform that is very much geared around anonymity, people don’t act the same as they would offline…

I’d also like to see a “ban the buyer” feature… so that they can’t re-order, if they’ve been difficult in the past.

I can smell a “problem” buyer instantly, and it’s unfortunate we don’t have a little more power to pick and choose our stress levels LOL. ;😉

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I agree. I completely agree. I really want the Ban this Buyer feature. I never thought about the Agree to Extend Delivery Time but its good suggestion.

What I would also want is a Confirmation message like, “Do you want to _____?” for Buyers who click on Order Now and for Sellers who Click on Delete Gig (By Mistake).

I have already had a ton of buyers saying they ordered by mistake and I have deleted my gig by mistake because I wanted to Preview it and tapped Delete. 😕

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As other Ban This Buyer option request

I totally agree.

Buyer should also have reputation ranking of their own.

ebay have long using this system to provide the seller the background of their buyer so they can fully trust or avoid certain buyer.


Please make us who bans the buyer invisible from their viewing.

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Reply to @deepanshkhurana: Oh man, that had to be annoying lol. I definitely agree with a confirmation as well.

Regarding “Ban the buyer” I just get irritated because I know

  1. Competitors buy off other sellers, using a different name – and rate them bad - as a way to get their business.
  2. Some people just don’t read the gig properly, and when they don’t get what they think they should, they are upset.

    On a side note. I had a competitor, go down the list of people who had bought my gig, contact them ALL, bad mouthing me, as a way to get my clients. A buyer alerted me to it. I contacted admin, and they said they would deal with it, but that user is still on here. Ethically, what my competitor did was pitiful.
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