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Can't add Fiverr as funding source on Payoneer


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Back after a Long Time!!
Hi Everybody,
Just need assistance to withdraw my earnings.

I recently added my Payoneer account to Fiverr marketplace.
3 days ago, I received an email saying that "You can now receive payments from Fiverr!"

But, I can’t withdraw my balance. Fiverr website is still showing the option to connect my Payoneer account when I click on Bank Transfer.
Whenever I verify my phone number it directs me to page saying you’ve already connected your Payoneer Account. And still I can’t withdraw.

I reported this to the Fiverr Customer Support and they told me to contact Payoneer’s Customer Support and said now the control has been given to payoneer.

The option to withdraw is on Fiverr website and the controlling one is Payoneer.

I contacted Payoneer Customer Support and was shocked on their way of assistance. They don’t have any human to reply to the queries made by users. Each time I asked, I got email from ‘No-reply’.

Could anyone guide me how can I withdraw my balance?
Actually I have only 2 days to withdraw, after 90 days of account closure, Fiverr has provided me 7 days and the time period is going to end.

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