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Does anyone work with other (non-competition) sellers?


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I’m just curious if anyone has arrangements with other sellers, either formal/team-like or ad hoc? I ask because I do absolutely zero graphics work, but my clients often need gifs/videos/background removal. I would love to have a consistent person that I trusted and shared my work ethic to send them to, potentially after a quick discussion with my peer to make sure they had the time and bandwidth to take on the project.

A few times I’ve gone out on a limb and tried to find an appropriate seller as a favor to the client I was working with, but inevitably things fell apart, as the other seller proved to be a hot mess or a farmed-out account that looked good visually but couldn’t string an English sentence together. I’m a lot more cautious about it now, because a bad recommendation, even with ample explanation that I literally just did a site search, makes me look bad to my clients.

Likewise, I’d love to hook up with a graphics/ecomm person that could potentially send writing work my way. I’d be curious to hear from anyone else that has done things like this. 🙂

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