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  1. The Evaluation Period hast not finished yet. (See your Next Evaluation on Feb 15.) So… You will get your Badge today.
  2. Hey ho! Everytime i do a custom offer for 35$ - the buyer gets an offer for 31$… What is this again? image765×180 12.8 KB
  3. See that, comrade? That´s an Auto Refreshing Tool. That´s Illegal on Fiverr and is causing your problemos. Fascinating… Nearly 3.5k sells and no warning about that.
  4. Support got back to me after a few hours. The user no longer exists on Fiverr.
  5. I just looked up his reviews. "seller cursed me out because I didn’t want rush through reading the story, kept pressuring me to leave positive feedback without even knowing if I fully enjoyed the story yet. I told them that they didn’t need to send me 5 messages repeatedly to tell me to leave feedback, And that I would leave feedback once I’m ready to leave feedback. They told me “to hell with you" very terrible customer service.” Hahah… Ohhh boy…
  6. I also got this one yesterday: “stupid ■■■■” haha 😃 “…can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.” I think this was the second guy from the thread 😃
  7. You know what? That´s the second time. The first time someone wished me an Car Accident. I think it’s nice that he wishes me to spend the last hours with my mother 😉 Ticket went out.
  8. Yesterday, a heated discussion in the forum was deleted. Sexism and false facts were the order of the day. After I got a private message I blocked the user. Today I see this in my inbox. Don’t worry - my mom is fine 😉 Unbenannt709×311 23.2 KBI’m going back to work now. Mek Sells.
  9. Support Payoneer Customer contact you must.
  10. Should he then sell only half a picture? That he has done something wrong is just a guess on your part. I have the assumption that the Fiverr support leaves the seller to 99% in the lurch although they have done everything(!) correctly. 2 people - 2 opinions.
  11. I don’t agree with your opinion in any way. He should take smaller amounts to lose less money in case of fraud? What is that for your way of thinking? Not one of a business man/woman.
  12. Hey - Son Goku. Wanna hear a Tip? That´s not cool.
  13. Yeah - whatever. Go and delete your account. Stay online 24/6, do social media marketing and so on.
  14. That´s a really good one 😃 Haha
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