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Gig Not Showing Unless Via Online Seller Filter


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So recently I noticed not only were my Gig impressions going down (was around 10k, now 2k) but so were my clicks (around 60 - was hitting around 200). I wasn’t sure if this was simply because it’s an odd time of the year and sales would be low, but I decide to update all my gigs anyway. Including new display pictures, better description, and work on my SEO.

Problem is, now I’ve done it, one of my gigs only shows up in the search result IF I click the ‘online sellers’. It used to be able to type ‘kawaii logo’ and my gig would show up regardless on the first page. I checked out my competition, and even their gigs appear in both (online and not online).

I’m not really sure what to do… Should I just wait and see or?

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