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  1. So, eventually it kinda sorted itself out? I did reach out to CS and they gave me some bullsh*t copy/paste response. Unfortunately, it’s happened again to me in the last few days and all my gigs are completely un-promotable. So I can only assume it has something to do with the cancellation ratio, as I had to cancel 2 gigs last week (one for mistaken purchase and the other ordered outside gig requirements).
  2. So, I’m a level 2 seller who’s had a fair amount of buyers (reaching my peak two weeks ago when I managed over $1k in sales for Janary / Mid February. Now I have none (bare two orders that are left over from my peak). Having looked into this, I’ve suddenly found that none of my gigs are promotable anymore (they are unqualified for some reason) and all my gigs are shoved to the back of the search results. Anyone else experiencing this, or have done? Any results of rectifying this? I’m tempted to take my services elsewhere if I can’t resolve this.
  3. So recently I noticed not only were my Gig impressions going down (was around 10k, now 2k) but so were my clicks (around 60 - was hitting around 200). I wasn’t sure if this was simply because it’s an odd time of the year and sales would be low, but I decide to update all my gigs anyway. Including new display pictures, better description, and work on my SEO. Problem is, now I’ve done it, one of my gigs only shows up in the search result IF I click the ‘online sellers’. It used to be able to type ‘kawaii logo’ and my gig would show up regardless on the first page. I checked out my competition, and even their gigs appear in both (online and not online). I’m not really sure what to do… Should I just wait and see or?
  4. Check your spelling and grammatical errors. I’ve noticed quite a few. As horrible as this may sound, some people will refuse to order out of belief there might be a communication barrier. Optimise your gigs. Use key words in descriptions and use correct tags. Your gigs are convoluted. Be concise and to the point. Your gigs are 50% highlighted, only use highlights to highlight important information. For example, at the beginning of my gigs I highlight that customers must contact me first before ordering. I don’t highlight every second sentence. Give your gigs a more personal touch. Customers land on your gig first, then your profile. At the start of your gig description, sell yourself first and who YOU are. Distinguish yourself. Remember, there are hundreds of gigs on Fiverr offering exactly the same as you. What sets you apart? Remove ‘unlimited’ revisions. Apart from that not being feasible, there are people who will take advantage of that to the point you want to tear your hair out. Build a base of 5* reviews first, by either lowering your prices temporarily + offering more in each gig. I did this at the start, got a flood of orders and built a foundation to work off. I then increased my prices and I’ve maintained consistent customers. Remove this “Give me a chance to prove my skill, you will be amazed by my service.”. You sound desperate here. “I Don’t sell service only . I distribute Success , Ease And Status .” What does this even mean? How do you distribute these 3 things? Your gig video audio is horrible. Either improve this, or remove it. Take some of the Fiverr tests – including the English Language, Adobe Illustrator and Customer Service.
  5. Thank you everyone for your replies 🙂 So I ended up saying this to her : “I’m sorry, I’m going to have to initially refuse and I will contact Customer Service to be arbitrators of this order to let them decide. I’ve delivered the work twice, with the same quality as all my other projects and stuck within the brief, and only now you’ve decided it doesn’t match what you’ve imagined. It appears suspicious.Customer Service usually take a few of days to make a decision. Thank you for understanding” She replied almost instantly saying : “That’s okay, we don’t have to do that - I’m okay with leaving the order as is, you did the work and you should be paid for it.” I thought it was curious how she changed her mind so quickly after suggesting CS would get involved… But I re-delivered without saying another word, she accept and I’ve been paid 🙂
  6. So I’ve been working with a customer for over a week now on a $60 project. She initially didn’t give me a huge amount of information and I had to try and get as much as possible out; I ended up having to come up with ideas on her behalf. I provided a delivery and she requested a modification - asking for around 6 elements to be changed, a few of those to completely different things (it’s like she suddenly came up with ideas of them after instead of before I put the work in). So I made the changes and sent the delivery… Then I get another revision request: this time it says “Hi! I think I’d like a refund, I appreciate the effort I just don’t think it’s a right match. Thanks!” Curious, I messaged her asking her why the problem was with the delivery. The response was : “ It just doesn’t match what I want for my brand, it’s nothing super specific. Just doesn’t match what I imagined” So there wasn’t actually anything ‘wrong’ with what I’ve provided, but I’m not sure how to proceed?
  7. I did try doing that, but 2 of the customers complained because they didn’t know how to open it 🙃 and demanded I sent them the files individually aha
  8. Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me with my live portfolio. When I deliver a project to a customer, it usually has multiple png files of different doodles. However I usually create an extra png file that displays all the images in one, and sized correctly for my portfolio. Even when I deliver I suggest to the customer that should they choose to allow the art to be displayed on my portfolio, to choose the display picture I made. Now the problem is, even with that, the majority completely ignore me and seem to choose any other picture par that one. Having a look at my competitors, they don’t seem to have that problem at all and I cannot work out why? Now my questions are: a) Do customers actually get to decided WHICH image gets displayed on my portfolio? b) If not, how do I get it so if they allow the art to be displayed, that it chooses a specific image that I want it to. I only ask this as my portfolio is just starting to look messy now, and I’d rather my customers either displayed the certain pictures or not displayed them at all. Not that I’m not happy with what I’ve provided them, but I want my Fiverr to look as professional as possible. Thanks
  9. First 2 months, zero orders. Last month, 17 👌
  10. It took me over two months before I got a single order - I even forgot about having a fiverr account until my app pinged me a message. After then they started snow-balling. Don’t get too hung up on not getting orders straight away.
  11. Yup, all it took was letter her know that her money would remain as Fiverr credit. Suddenly no bill issues anymore :man_shrugging:t2:.
  12. Funnily enough, she just replied and she “spoke to her bank, who agreed to move the bill date”.
  13. So she replied, saying she get stupid and “I really hope you understand my reasons for cancellation”. She basically ignored that I said I didn’t accept the reasons for cancellations. I will just message CS as suggested and see what they say. Thank you everyone for your comments 🙏
  14. I haven’t actually started on the work yet, I only got the order a couple hours ago and it’s 2am here and wasn’t going to start work until the morning. I’ve informed her I won’t be cancelling, just waiting to see her response now.
  15. I don’t want to cancel, but I’m worried she will leave a negative review based on no cancellation rather than quality of work 🙃
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