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You have Tips How to get to level 1?


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Hi there. I think you may have been looking for more holistic an answer than which you have been given so far.

For me it took seeing what others who do my skills had as their gig. Competition analysis essentially.

I sorted by best selling level 1 and also for no rank.

I wanted to see what their gig pictures looked like. Could I do better?

I looked at their tags, and their pricing, plus also what they offered. I thought, well if their template sells for them, perhaps it will help me.

They’ve done the hard work, so you can leverage it.

Competitor analysis is the secret in many industries, Fiverr is not much different.

If you’re getting impressions but no clicks, could it be your gig images and text is unclear?

If you’re getting clicks but no orders, could it be your gig is over priced, even underpriced or isn’t clear what it’s offering.

I wish you luck and will see you at the Top Rated Seller Party one day 🙂

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