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Finally...! Managed to get some orders again


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Less sales made me go nut for some time, So I had to edit my gig again and again and finally I felt this less sales have nothing to do with covid-19, because when i contacted other sellers on fiverr, they’ve doing fine with orders.

So I did some research where did I go wrong from being on first page on specific fiverr keyword searches to the third page…

It is because I didn’t update my gig for a long time, like more than 1 1/2 years.
So I believe it is important to update your Profile, Gig etc along with fiverr updates to keep you on track…

After few title updates, keyword update also did some changes on gig description… I managed to get few orders, but still the gig has not come up on the search page, but hope it will soon…

I believe Less sales have nothing to do with Covid, because for the last 3 months i was doing fine and only from this month I had low sales.

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