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  1. Nope. I did not.. Before your gigs get deranked, was it on the first page?
  2. Not yet... waiting for one soon.. just getting some click on to it.
  3. Alhamdulillaah... I was not making any sales for the last 2-3 months, as all my Gigs suddenly deranked to the last page. I did not know what to do, All I did was to edit, edit, edit... and that took me to bad to worse. Also i went through so many youtube channels and also on fiverr forum to know how I can get back on truck, but I will tell you... all those advices on fiverr has nothing to do with getting your gigs ranking onto first page again and thats useless. trust me.. And few weeks back, I spoke to a friend of mine on fiverr who is doing well with sales, I asked for his help and all his advice was for us to wait for 2 weeks without any edit and things will get normal. Like he said I stopped myself from editing the gigs and hold tight to my nerve from stop editing the gigs. Trust within a week i got my Gigs onto First Page and Here I'm posting my Experience. Thank you.

  5. I was doing fine with Fiverr, whereas I was getting 3-4 orders per week and also I managed to maintain a good rating with positive reviews. After sometimes, I felt my Gigs need some edits. So, I did some changes to package pricing, Gig description etc... And suddenly I noticed that my impression, clicks and conversation were going down and felt that I'm not getting any new orders. - I thing editing the Gig is fine, but editing frequently in a week like 5 times, will really take you Gigs down.😔 https://www.fiverr.com/fajjudesign/create-military-army-and-tactical-logo-design
  6. Please do not be too hard… I’m not here to advice any one, I just shared my view and that is what I have written. You have repeated the same thing what I just written above… please… :rofl: I just check you on forum and I find your too much trying to be on fiverr side. lol
  7. I made some few changes on the gig description, and when I checked my gig on search it has gone down on the list. My conclusion is that editing your gig few times will drag your gig down on search list, and had to wait fews days or months to get back on track…
  8. Less sales made me go nut for some time, So I had to edit my gig again and again and finally I felt this less sales have nothing to do with covid-19, because when i contacted other sellers on fiverr, they’ve doing fine with orders. So I did some research where did I go wrong from being on first page on specific fiverr keyword searches to the third page… It is because I didn’t update my gig for a long time, like more than 1 1/2 years. So I believe it is important to update your Profile, Gig etc along with fiverr updates to keep you on track… After few title updates, keyword update also did some changes on gig description… I managed to get few orders, but still the gig has not come up on the search page, but hope it will soon… I believe Less sales have nothing to do with Covid, because for the last 3 months i was doing fine and only from this month I had low sales.
  9. Why not try putting it back to how it was. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! I did and it was not the same…
  10. I recently did some changes to my gig and suddenly the sales was less, i used to get 3 order per day. But now it has gone down also my gig has gone to the 3rd page on search list. This is my link to the Gig… https://www.fiverr.com/fajjudesign/design-a-high-quality-military-logo Wonder where I went wrong…
  11. I started Fiverr in May 2016, back when I started it was great for me. I got sales as expected but later I had to take 2-month vacation unfortunately and when I started back again it was not as before. I hardly get any orders. What went wrong?
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