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Merry Xmas


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Thanks lpartziale! :">

Brits are outnumbered? There is just over 63 million people in The UK

only 5.2 million people in scotland, 40% of which are indian/pakistani/Polish/Lithuanian/asian or other ethnic race.

Leaving about just over 3 million scottish, we are a rare breed! lol. Compared to worldwide population of just over 7 billion lol. :-?

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Well it’s approaching the end of my christmas day and it has been an excellent one at that. Probably my favorite in a long long time. I had the s***e conversation with my dad, which we scheduled in for 30 mins which actually lasted just over 2 hours… We have so much in common it’s really funny. I screen recorded our conversation for our first meeting and a long with our first face to face meeting I will record that also… then compile a video for future kids/teenagers/adults to never give up and always such for their long lost father or mother, even if it doesn’t bring you the results you want… it helps complete you as a person.

Hope you all are having a smashing time.



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