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Rich formatting in Gig descriptions?


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Wondering if this is possible.

For some of my gigs there are really important things that my buyer’s should read before ordering. However, I get orders all the time from people who clearly didn’t read it. It’d be nice if I could make that information stand out more to avoid the buyer having me unexpectedly ask for more money 🙂

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The mash-everything-together format lends itself to people not reading the description because that is not how they are accustomed to reading information, so it almost becomes like fine print for the average user.

Defaults would probably decrease with the ability to space and emphasize information, resulting in a smoother experience for all.

The allotted total space could remain the same and not affect any design or backend issue that they obviously think it would create.

PLEASE, for the love of all that is holy, let descriptions read like normal text on the web! =)

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