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This must have been brought up before: on most gigs (the SEO ones at least)

it looks like 90+ % of the reviews are not real, and simply used to artificially inflate

a seller's rating.


I used one gig, the seller delivered ok, but the result wasn't great. I wrote a (positive)

review stating exactly that. Now my review is slowly pushed down again by the usual

"great" and "thankz" reviews.


Since this is the Suggestion Box: I suggest that fiverr adds some extra software that

detects fake reviews (using the same IP as the seller, using the same IP for multiple

reviews, using the same Paypal account, etc.).


In addition, there should be a minimum length to a review (say 20 words).


Finally, ideally the reviews themselves should be reviewed (hard to implement, yes)

and generic ones removed.


Just my 2 cents.




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Ok, so paypal and IP checks are in place.

But the fact that you have to buy a gig is not a problem: if it’s the same person, you’ll just end up paying yourself (and presumably you lose a small amount in commission?)

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