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Communication with the buyers


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Hi everyone, I just want to ask for some tips on how to deal with a certain situation wherein the buyer doesn’t talk in complete sentences or in broken english, and often in fragmented pieces of words. T__T Don’t get me wrong, I am often patient with this but I just thought that this kind of interaction will consume a lot of time and will possibly (hopefully not) lead into misunderstandings.

I just want to know how you deal with it. 🙂

Thanks a lot!

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Guest itsyourthing

Even though it’s a little more time-consuming initially, I find it better to keep each communication brief and focused on one detail/question - especially with more creative work like you’re offering.

As an example, if you need to know a size, color and pattern, send a separate message for each one, and don’t send the next until you get a complete answer that you understand. Be very specific and don’t over-complicate things. It will take longer at first, but there is much less of a chance of things going wrong later.

Keep it very simple and try to use the sorts of words that are learned early in a new language. Basically, use the words you would use with a young child when possible; “big” instead of “large”, “red” instead of “crimson”, that sort of thing.

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