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Gigs moved to last page from last few days


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HI Everyone,
I know this topic is already been discussed here several times , but to me this happened 1st time in last 3 years,
I am level 2 caricature artist and my best seller gig remained on top in search pages of Fiverr from almost last 2 years, but from the last 3-4 days my impressions and sales suddenly got declined and i noticed no new buyers are contacting me, when i check my gig in search results i didn’t find it anywhere , so i tried the filters to narrow down the search and found my self in last pages.
i didn’t do any edits in my gig and everything was normal before this happen
looking for your suggestions
Thank you

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This is one of the posts I talked about. @frank_d has some interesting info and I liked @jymsym’s answer too.

I noticed that from August 1, 2020, the flow of questions and orders from new customers has stopped. Absolutely. Instead of 5-6 new customers every day there is just zero now. I looked for my gigs and found them all at the very bottom of the search results. Five star Gig with hundreds of reviews lies below absolute beginners and low-rated gigs. From first line to last page for one day! Besides myself, I saw on the last page of all my fellow competitors of the 2nd level. How do you like th…
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