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Let's understand about "PROMOTED GIG" new feature of fiverr


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Fiverr have launched “PROMOTED GIG” new feature - Which was previous “promoted ads” something like that as if anyone experience that previously.

What is difference between New “PROMOTED GIG” feature than before “promoted ads”

It’s Big-Big difference in new feature than old.

Previously - “promoted ads” - When any buyers do purchase your gig “which was showing in promote ads section” fiverr do charge certain amount - as seller selected promoted gig ads cost. That means - 100% conversion of order.!!

New - “Promoted gig” Now it’s something like that - If your gig has been featured for opt “Promoted gig” Fiverr will charge “per click” as whatever you do set the per click cost " as any other ads promotion platform like : google - facebook etc."
Means : If your gigs gets 100 clicks - and you have setted 0.2$ per click. = It will be 20$ cost for your ads and there is “NO” surety to conversation rate to those clicks. So suppose to be - you’ll get 100 clicks on your gig and you’ve not receive any orders to that. You’ll lose your 20$.

This all i understand. If you have any other analyzation… kindly share here…

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[image] Sometimes even top-rated sellers with excellent reviews need a little assistance getting their Gig in front of new buyers. Why? Because there’s tons of amazing talent to be discovered on Fiverr. But today we’re launching a simple way to help your Gig stand out from the rest, introducing Promoted Gigs. Promoted Gigs provides talented and experienced freelancers on Fiver the opportunity to grow and expand their business with only a few clicks. With Promoted Gigs, high-quality freelancer…


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