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How to deal with difficult Fiverr buyers?


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I’ve been selling on Fiverr for a few months now. The gig I mainly offer costs in the range of $200-400 and is a time consuming process. Usually the buyers that order from me have a general understanding of how to operate what they are buying, but recently I’ve had a buyer that was a complete nightmare and I’m not sure how to deal with it.

He orders my service and upon delivery it became very clear he did not know what he was doing at all. He could not figure out the most basic steps on getting started with what I had created, asked me for a guarantee that it would work out for him, and then asked for me to provide him a “ZOOM TRAINING” on how to get started. I told him that I don’t usually provide training because it’s not what my gig is about at all, and I have over 6 orders in my cue to work on, but I told him I would probably be able to work something out tomorrow and was answering his specific questions when they came up.

I went to sleep for the night and woke up to have a couple questions from him followed by a “why are you not responding to me” and a one star review saying I didn’t provide him “training on getting started” (all deliveries come with a set up packet that no one has even slightly struggled with before this… I don’t think English is his first language.)

Then even after the guy left this review, he is expecting me to Zoom Call him and get him set up…

Anyways, I’m not really sure what to do right now. I provided everything I was supposed to provide in the gig (and the buyer had taken control of it), and it requires a lot of work, so refunding $300 doesn’t really seem like a viable option. They are not being very cooperative to my response, so I’m wondering if the community has any suggestions.

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well, i can see that you’re really frustrated with the tight position you’re in. I’d suggest like the fiverr’s course online freelancing basic:

“Have a positive attitude and move on”.

I have also come across them a lot of the time but not many. They are less that 1% of the buyers’ population.

More success is assured if you stay positive

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