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I can't get order why


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Hello i am also a new seller but i’ve a tip for you that might be helpful.
Try learning the ideas of making a proper gig from senior seller’s. And make sure to search for your problem on this forum it would help you allot in making gigs and lot more.

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Am marking but not get order

Here are some tips from a senior fiverr member @john_mickel

Buyer request is an important thing to get order, especially for new seller. It helps in two ways. like, If you send 10 offer to the buyer daily,

  1. then it makes a possibility to get new order.
  2. buyer may visit your profile and if daily 10 buyer visit your profile or gig then you get a good gig impression, views, clicks on your gig and it helps your gig to rank.

Now, The question is how to write a good offer??

Its an important question. being lazy, we always made a wrong that we don’t want to understand what buyer actually wants!! we have a preserved written offer and we do always copy and paste it. Please don’t do this!

Now, Let’s point out how to write a offer!!

  1. First thing we have to notice on the buyer request carefully because sometimes buyer puts a keyword to his request that to write a word before your offer. so we have to be very careful.
  2. Then, we have to understand what actually buyer need?
  3. Write about, how you want to implement the work.
  4. What is needed from your buyer to start work.
  5. Send the work samples what you have done before.

That’s it, very simple, Please don’t write the same thing for every buyer(copy & paste).

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