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Gig not showing up in search, but somehow still getting sales


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Hi all!

It seems my gig doesn’t show up in search, but I’m still getting regular sales. I’m not sure if it’s just client-side, but I’ve tried logging out, using a different browser, using a different device, using a different wifi network, yet it still does not show up at all. All my ratings have been positive and my overall rating from 44 reviews is 5 stars; however, it seems my gig has disappeared off the face of the earth? Should I be worried?

A few minutes ago I also accidentally paused my gig (for 30 seconds at most, while I’m fiddling about trying to find a way to unpause it). Will this affect my rating? (This has nothing to do with what I’ve said in the previous paragraph, by the way. I haven’t been able to find my gig in search for nearly two weeks now, despite still getting orders from new and returning buyers.) It also seems I no longer appear in the online sellers tab after this pausing happened. What can I do? Am I just SOL?


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